Most of the times organizations depend on Managers’ intuition or generic scientific assessment tools to assess its employees. The first one is too subjective and involves many risks whereas the latter is objective but provides an assessment of the individual on various parameters and not necessarily on competencies identified for the job. The individual employee often feels overwhelmed with the extensive assessment report and is clueless about what to do next. The organization too gets distracted by the report and many a time struggles to identify the next steps for the employee. We have designed an indigenous framework for competency based assessment which aims at fulfilling the business objectives and uses a multidimensional approach to assess an employee rather than a single test. Our assessment framework can be used by the organizations for different purposes like hiring, business change, employee development, and employee rationalization. The tool is more than just an assessment test and helps in bringing out the subtle, unconscious traits of the employee in a specific context. Our assessment process starts with defining the objectives and context of the assessment and then job roles and competencies for the identified employees where such definitions do not exist. We then tailor our framework, which consists of multiple evaluation tools. We then produce individual assessment reports with clearly outlined recommendations and summary reports to include collated observations and findings. The salient features of custom eLearning development services are:
  • Highly customizable and scalable
  • Uses multi pronged approach to assessment
  • Helps the organization articulate the business objectives for employee assessment and define the job role and competencies
  • Clearly identifies the competency gap between the business needs and the employee
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