Vertois Training and Consultancy is an ISO 9001:2015 certified human capital development company. We consider ourselves catalysts in producing greater economic value for individuals, organizations and communities by way of enhancing the skills, knowledge, and other intangible assets of individuals.

The Company was founded in August 2011 with a mission to ‘build wealth by doing social good’, and its initial activities included skill development for youths to enable them to obtain jobs, and training of engineering and management students to enhance their chances of landing better jobs during campus recruitment. We established partnerships with organisations like Retailers Association of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Maharashtra State Skill Development Society, Springboard – a private financial institution that offered training loans to our students, and numerous corporates, who recruited our trained talent.

We have worked with many Govt. and private polytechnic, engineering, and management colleges and trained their students, faculty and non-teaching staff.

While we were creating an impact at grass-root level and campuses, we also scaled up to offer corporate training services to companies.

Current Landscape
Over the years the company has gained enormous traction on the corporate front and has come to be a leading company and a dependable trusted brand for corporates for their end-to-end training needs. We have also kept our passion for making a difference in the society by running social impact programmes.

Training Delivery
In the world we live in today, the level of human skills determines the organisation’s success. We work with companies to create training programmes that are aligned to the needs of the business, their current challenges, and company values. By engaging with business leaders and L&D managers and by asking plenty of questions, we first understand why the company wants to achieve by investing in training. All our training programmes are customized to meet the client needs. As we focus on real issues, the participants don’t struggle to connect the learnings from the training and their work life.

Our training programmes are divided into clusters – Communication; Personal Productivity & Development; Team Effectiveness; Management & Leadership; Sales, Service and Purchase; and Organisational Effectiveness. We also have our signature programmes that are distinctly different from the regular corporate training modules.

Prior to delivering a training programme, our trainer, content team, and operations team work together to ensure we agree on best way to deliver the content to the participant group. The salient features of our training methodology are:

  • Practical, highly interactive, and action-oriented
  • Integrates adult learning principles for the best training experience and knowledge retention
  • Expert trainers using real-life scenarios, audio-visuals, role-plays, exercises, and group activities
  • Pragmatic approach to bring behavioural change that transfers to the job

Training Effectiveness Measurement
In addition to effectively running training programmes, we help companies to measure training effectiveness and determine their return on training investment (ROTI). We have built an indigenous Training Effectiveness Measurement (TEM) tool that is highly customizable a perfect fit for the Indian industry.

Competency Assessments
For companies, who would like to assess their employees either at the time of hiring, promotions or at any other time, we offer our Competency Based Assessment (CBA) framework that is indigenously built and works well for companies across industries. The framework is highly customizable and scalable.

Content Development
For companies, who prefer to deliver trainings in-house by building an internal trainer pool, we offer content development services. We use international standards for designing content and our deliverable is a trainer kit that includes artefact like PPTs, icebreakers, role-plays, stories, exercises, case studies, activities, participant notes and a trainer manual. Once they have the kit, companies become less dependent on individual trainers as the task can be easily picked up by the next person, thanks to the professionally developed training kit.

Strategic Interventions
We have also created certain strategic intervention programmes for companies, who are ready to invest time and money to achieve a larger objective. Our current intervention programmes are related to blue collar workers, women employees and English language development for workforce.

Social Impact
Apart from corporates and institutions, we run community impacting programmes under our Social Impact division. Under this, we run programmes like entrepreneurship development, skill development and livelihood generation programmes, government school interventions, financial awareness programmes for women etc. All such programmes are funded by companies’ CSR, Government institutions or NGOs.

Our Clients