In today’s era where there is fair amount of parity in goods and services sold by companies, their ability to provide exceptional service to its customers has become a key differentiator. Many companies are investing more in their service teams, processes and automation tools to ensure they have the pulse of the customer at all times. IN many companies the service department has also started sharing the burden of bringing in revenue via service activities. Needless to say, they cannot achieve those goals without trained and motivated service personnel.


Our service interventions cover roles like service engineers/technicians, service managers, service coordinators, tele-callers, service desk front office as well as service dealer principles. We have run numerous service interventions in the following areas -


  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Service Management Excellence
  • Net Protector Score (NPS) Enhancement
  • Customer Centricity
  • Service Desk Excellence
  • Service Dealer Audits


We have successfully demonstrated enhancement in service performance measurement matrices like NPS, CDI, CSI for our clients who are renowned companies in manufacturing, automotive, industrial goods, construction equipment, mobility solutions, lubricants & chemicals.


Our service interventions typically include -


  • Competency assessment and skills baselining of service personnel
  • Service training content development
  • Service training delivery
  • Tracking of change in behaviour/performance post training
  • Measurement of training effectiveness/ROI


We also offer various e-learning modules on service that companies can either access from our Learning Management System or have those deployed on their own LMS. Our e-learning modules can be accessed via desktops, laptops, notepads and smartphones.

Our Clients